Cargo Insurance

No compromise in insurance. Cargo Insurance protects your investment, and covers your goods for loss, damage or delay. Without cargo insurance, all cargo is handled, stored and carried at the shipper’s, owner’s and consignee’s risk.

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GWLME Logistics Services Can help you optimize your supply chain management. We’re always looking for more and better ways to serve our clients. So we’ve created an inventory management system that gives you visibility.

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Project Cargo

GWLME is specialized in Project Cargo. Project cargo is the one of most complex kinds of transportation in the logistics industry. There are obstacles like time constraints, tight delivery dates, and safety requirements.

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Cross Border Truck

GWLME enables you to deliver shipments throughout Middle East, Africa & Asia by Road, within the shortest lead times. Cross-border trucking to MENA & ASIA offers you reliable transit times compared to ocean freight.

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Ocean Freight

Ocean freight cargo is the most viable option when transporting bulk goods. GWLME Ocean freight division has been the premier provider of overseas shipping services, offering superior and cost effective shipping solutions.

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Air Freight

International air cargo services are typically faster and more expensive than sea freight, making them a popular choice for time-sensitive shipments such as perishable goods, high-value products, and urgent deliveries.

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Cold Chain Logistics

GWLME is specialized in Cold Chain Logistics. Cold Chain Logistics is a supply chain that deals with perishable, temperature-sensitive goods such as fresh produce, meat, dairy, seafood, chemicals, pharmaceuticals etc.

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Customs Clearance

GWLME is specialized in International Custom Clearance. When you are exporting goods to another country or importing goods from a country, you will have to go through international customs procedures.

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Open Yard Facilities

Fully fenced and 24/7 monitored open yard storage facility for rent. We offer end to end serivces related to yard storage. Fully fenced facilities with a hard standing ground are equipped to store all kinds of cargo.

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International Freight Forwarding: Gateway Logistics Middle East offers seamless transportation of goods worldwide, managing the entire process from origin to destination with utmost efficiency and reliability.

Air Freight Services: Leveraging strategic partnerships with leading airlines, Gateway Logistics Middle East ensures fast and secure air transportation of cargo, meeting time-critical deadlines.

Ocean Freight Services: Through established relationships with major shipping lines, Gateway Logistics Middle East provides cost-effective and efficient sea freight solutions for both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments.

Land Transportation: Gateway Logistics Middle East organizes comprehensive road transportation services, including trucking, rail, and intermodal solutions, ensuring timely delivery across the Middle
East region and beyond.

Customs Clearance: The company’s experienced customs brokerage team ensures smooth customs clearance processes, minimizing delays and ensuring compliance with local regulations


End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions: Gateway Logistics Middle East designs and manages integrated supply chain solutions tailored to clients’ specific needs, optimizing inventory, reducing costs, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Demand Planning and Forecasting: The company leverages advanced forecasting tools and data analytics to help clients accurately predict demand patterns, enabling efficient inventory management and minimizing stock-outs.

Vendor Management: Gateway Logistics Middle East collaborates with vendors and suppliers, implementing effective communication channels and performance measurement systems to ensure a seamless flow of goods and timely replenishment.

Reverse Logistics: The company offers comprehensive reverse logistics solutions, managing product returns, repairs, and recycling processes in an environmentally responsible manner


State-of-the-Art Warehousing Facilities: Gateway Logistics Middle East offers secure and strategically located warehousing facilities equipped with advanced inventory management systems to optimize storage, order fulfillment, and distribution.

Inventory Management: The company provides efficient inventory control, real-time stock visibility, and value-added services such as pick and pack, labeling, and kitting to meet diverse customer requirements.

Cross-Docking and Transloading: Gateway Logistics Middle East facilitates seamless transfer of goods from one mode of transportation to another, reducing handling costs and improving supply chain efficiency.

Last-Mile Delivery: With a robust network of delivery partners, Gateway Logistics Middle East ensures prompt and reliable last-mile delivery, optimizing customer satisfaction and minimizing lead times As an innovative logistics company, Gateway Logistics Middle East continuously expands its service portfolio to meet evolving market demands and remains committed to delivering exceptional value
across the entire supply chain.


Project Cargo Management: Gateway Logistics Middle East specializes in handling complex and oversized cargo for large-scale projects, providing tailored solutions and meticulous planning to ensure safe and timely delivery.

Trade Show and Event Logistics: The company offers endto-end logistics solutions for trade shows,exhibitions, and events, including transportation, customs clearance, onsite handling, and return shipments.

E-commerce Logistics: Gateway Logistics Middle East supports e-commerce businesses with efficient order fulfillment, inventory management, returns processing, and last-mile delivery, catering to the growing online retail sector

Safe & Secure

GWLME make sure safety and security for the shipping is ensured by our various systems working together simultaneously. From tracking to ensuring immediate help in time of distress, these systems keep the shipping industry on the right track all the time.

Fast Delivery

Digital eCommerce has been always a game-changer globally and it continues to grow due to heavy internet penetration globally. GWLME take care of several aspects such as quick delivery, fast logistics and order tracking .

24/7 Support

For many customers, not being able to get in touch with customer support raises a major red flag and demonstrates a lack of concern for their needs. GWLME can’t afford to give an impression of being unprofessional or “out-of-touch.